Sunday, April 22, 2007

its almost Monday

I want to get something off of my shoulders that is bothering me. I have a couple of things that I feel I need to express my thoughts on.

First off, I was very distrubed yesterday in the gym. I was training calves and noticed that a man had took his two little girls to the bathroom/locker room. Now I saw this and freaked out. He had just picked them up out of the child day care at the gym and it was still open so they do have a bathroom for the children in there.I don't see WHY he had to take them into the mens bathroom. I couldn't believe what this guy did, and he was in the bathroom for a while. The thing is these are little girls between the ages of 3-6 yr old. With all these crazy sexual predators out there, and plus it is a locker room and people "freely" walk around in there birthday suits, etc. I hope it doesn't happen again. I reported the incident to several staff at the gym, and they reassured me they will take care of the situation.
I have noticed that my name has been thrown alot on the forums. Its nice to know that people are talking about me whether its good or bad. One particular person made a really stupid comment on the forum, and I handled it well. I was told that I have poor leg development, training, and well you know. This bothered me so much becuase the guy obviously doesn't or didn't have a clue to what he was talking about. My training techniques are totally diffrent and what works for me may not work for the other person. I have made some great gain in over the years and what I treasure the most is the incredible people that have past through my bodybuilding life. I have been blessed to have the honor to call these people friends, or even just talk with them for a minute or two. Anyway, he just really got under my skin for his lack of research.

I thought it was very sweet that my friend Angela "little feet" made me a cd with my picture on it and my name for my Las Vegas show. It was cute! Thank you Angie.
Oh if anyone goes out to have italian this wek can be sure to order some calamari for me as I am a huge fan of this appettizer. I need a hug!!