Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sometihng different

I had an interesting Saturday. I was in Miami visiting for the weekend and I had I was going nuts trying to find a gym. I found an address for a gold’s gym on 107th ave. I went to go train and come to my attention what was once a Gold’s Gym was now Planet Fitness. I couldn’t just leave as much as I wanted to. Trust me I really wanted to leave. I am on a mission and I got to get it done regardless of the situation.

I approach to the doors and was very hesitant in walking in as I had no idea what was in store for me on the other side. I walked in and all I saw was purple and yellow everywhere. Even the machines where purple and yellow. It was a different setting that I was not used to. The dumbbells went up to 70 lbs only. I was just amazed. On the other hand the machines where excellent. The strength equipment they had was a majority of Body Masters, and a few Icarian. I trained chest and did a few extra things. I did get a decent workout which is all I cared about at this point. But I felt like I was training in a box. The place was small. Oh and the other thing that I did like about this particular gym was that the weights where labeled and everything was neatly arranged. The other downside to the gym was that they didn’t provide towels . I didn’t see any sanitizer anywhere and that bothered as I do not like to train in anothers person sweat on a machine. ;( It isn’t a pretty site at all. Especially if they are the heavy sweating kind that drips in sweat. YUK! We all sweat but let’s please be courteous to those others that use the equipment too! I don’t know how many weeks I am out from USAs but I have noticed some good changes. My face is getting leaner. This is a good thing for me.

BTW being in Miami is boring for me right now because I can't enjoy latin food which I love A LOT ;)

I got good discipline and dedication to what I love doing which is bodybuilding.