Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter Weekend!

Want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I will be going egg hunting later this afternoon. Unfortunatly no chocolate rabbits or Cadbury eggs for me this year :( Its all for a good cause.

Training is great. I sometimes judge myself on how much weight I can lift. yesterday I did some arm blasting and I amazed myself becuase I did a barbell curls with a 45 plate on each side. I think I got 6 reps. I was amazed at myself becuase I never did that before.

Now I want to say something real quick. Sometimes people mistake that bodybuilding is all about lifting heavy weights. Well, you need to train heavy thats for sure but it always isn't always about the amount of weight you lift. I say this because today I get asked silly questions on my bestlifts and my training techniques. Well I do lift weight to set a record. I lift weight to perfect my physique. I get so anooyed when I have my headphones on and people walk up to me in the middle of my set and bother me. Can't they see I am trying to do my set. I am not trying to sound mean but when I train I am working. I am going to hire a bodyguard so nobody bothers me. Better yet I think I will take my bulldog with me to train