Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rack your weights please

I went over to the smith machine and these two guys just got done doing squats. They basically left two 45's on each side and walked away. I caught them and said "are you guys done". Well they both looked at me crossed eyed and said yes. Then I asked if they can take off the weight and they said with legs like that you can do this. I said i am not doing legs I am doing back. Basically they where sarcastic and pushing my buttons. I think I upset them off about taking off the weights.
It is not fair to others to leave a stack of weights on the machine. Don't you think. Its a whole new workout just taking the weights off.
Today was a good workout minus the "macho guys" I had a brief confrontation with. You honestly can't let people like this get to you. They have absolutly no clue what my purpose is. THey have no idea the amount of time, preparation, and the delightful diet we have to do to get to that state of "perfection". Its a hard road and its even harder on me becuase I m young and don't have that muscle maturity yet.
there will be updates being put up this week, i have viedo of me I am just trying to figure it out