Friday, June 11, 2010


As Mr. Mackey from South Park may say....."drama's bad M'kay"

Well I am hearing lots and lots of nasty rumors. You know I hate this thing called drama. Nobody has anything better to do "save the drama for your mama". Let me stat off by clarifying a few things as this is coming directly from me.

God only gives us so much we can handle and everything is done for a reason. I strongly believe that. I have been and still am blessed to have so many wonderful people enter my life. whether it is for a few seconds or a few years. I admit I am not perfect and have made mistakes. A great example of that would be like dietng for shows and trying to perfect the diet but made small mistakes on the way torwards my goal. Well in this case I made a mistake/comment and paid the price. We live and learn from our mistakes....that is the bottom line. I won't go more into that as its my business and not the worlds but I never said I broke up with that person for the record. Go tweet that on twitter or fb or email :)

Secondly I clearly state things on my site as that is what it is. Theres nothing behind that. I am In college to be a paramedic/rn. I do personal training on the side which helps, and I have a website for a little extra side cash put torwards gym dues, and contest prep. Speaking of which I just joined Anytime Fitness again as the hours at the Indiana State University Gym for the summer are not long enough lol. The ISU rec center is fabulous with state of the line Lifefitness and Hammer Strength equipment. The Anytime Fitness has 2 locations. I personally like the south location more as it has a wide variety of equipment by percor and they have an awesome Hack Squat and Smith Machine. Ops almost forgot the t- bar row. So anyways, getting back to my piont. I have a lot of respect for myself and I am better than that or what people are saying about me. Not to mention going around causing drama among the internet. I have had lots of funny things happen over the years since I have been bodybuilding. None of these things amaze me in this sport. I know where my heart is and I know where I stand. I also know that these things being spread around are not true. I'm getting emails about outrageous requests.....STOP sending me that junk. Of course I haven't given Yah'll details but I am sure you get the idea.

Full speed ahead

So I have to go this weekend and judge a BB show this weekend and it is going to be HUGE! We have lots of figure competitors (lots) and some bikini. Not to mention the mens and womens bodybuilding. Womens bb is not as big here in Indiana. Mens on the other hand can be very competitive. This show is ginormous due to the Jr. Nationals are held the following weekend. I can expect a long long prejudging. YEAH!

I am so bummed right now as its raining and I don't want to go outside and get my hair wet. LOL. I went to macys yesterday and bought a cute little dress, very conservative for the night show as the judges dress up. Hopefully I can still fit in it.

On a sadder note my father recently has passed on. :( Theres not much to say about it as I knew him but not that well

I hoep I clarified a few things for those that may be wondering..