Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Everyone ***Isabelle waving****

I have been away for a while. :) I am sure you missed my blogs and pictures. I know I have. I really enjoy writing and sharing things with you on my blog.

Its pouring rain here in Terre Haute on this fine Memorial day. Luckily I grilled a couple of steaks earlier to serve as memorial treat. I was so hungry I threw them on the grill without marinating them. I love using the Ms. Dash marinades. Very good, and very little sodium. I really try to watch my sodium intake but I do have times where I may want a bite of pizza which can be "loaded" with sodium. It was a fillet Mignon medium rare, it was very tender. I can say the fillet is not as favorable as a Delmonico or as know it"rib eye". I always look for good marbling. This was one of my keys to putting on size back in the day. :)

I go back to training tomorrow at 6 am :). I am so excited as I really enjoy training. My strength has increased so much. I am trying out some new things in the gym with weights and how I apply my training. Its amazing what a small adjustment with how you hold a weight or changing your form can make a difference in your body transformation or in my case body sculpting.

I was a little bummed a few weeks ago as I went to the eye doctor as I felt I had to get my eyes checked and get glasses. You know to make me look conservative beyond my little muscles. LOL.

Well.....the eye doctor told me I have great vision. I was happy but bummed lol. I did get some colored contacts as I wanted to see what a different color would look like on me. I really like my chocolate puppy eyes but wanted a bold look. After trying on several colors I found a nice blue and honey color. But overall I love my brown eyes. It just suits me more. Its my

Okay I need to get a TV. I don't have one and need one lol. I have no idea which brand to get but I do know I want a big one since I am a netflix addict and love watching movies. I was looking at maybe 46 -55 inches. I saw some very good sales online at Best Buy.

I start school the week of June 7th. YEAH! I am going full time. I don't know if I told you guys yet but I am studying to be a paramedic and then going on to my RN. I am very excited about this but trust me its not going to be easy sailing. I always like a nice challenge.

Have a great rest of the memorial holiday :)