Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Teusday

Oh I am tired and achy. I have been battling a cold and its no fun. Today I had a big anatomy exam and it kicked my butt. Its a tough class, but you just have to be on it and stay on top of it.

I went shopping today looking for antiques at Nancys here in town and then I went to Walmart. I won't even being to share how much I spend today. Of the things I bought I had to get a new ipod as I accidently left it at the gym. I hope that person doesn't mind my nice selection of music :). I think the sadest thing for me is not losing the ipod but losing the clip case my nano came with. That was hard to find. Everyones doing these armband mp3 carriers. I find them uncomfortable and also I think they look silly in my opinion. Back in the day I use to train with a cd player and even a cassette play wearing the big DJ style headphones. LOL. I meant business.

So now later today I have to run to Best Buy and hopefully they still have that clip on case. It cost $29.99...och. But hey when you train as much as I do or will. It comes in handy. I need to do some studying later today and get haead in my other courses.

You all know I love Bunny with all my heart. She has a companion friend named pookie mouse. Shes a cat and acts like she owns the place. LOL. Well I found Bunny another bulldog friend its actually her litter mate and her name is Venus Flytrap. Hopefully in the next few weeks i can bring her back home as the first day had her it was a very stressful moment for her. She is used to her environment and when she came to mins she had very bad anxiety and I took her back.

here is a picture of her... Isn't she beautiful

Sometime this month I don't know the exact date but I am going to the shelter and voleentering my services. You know I love animals. I am really excited about it and it is for a good cause.

I want to share some advice. In this sport and in life in general people will do and say silly things. Thats just the way it is. Trust me.... I of all people know that. The best thing to do is ignore the silliness and immature behavior. Keep pushing forward and remember to keep a smile on your face as it can go a long way. You can do anything you put your mind too. I'm goign to keep it short as i can go on and on about it. :)

have a wonderful week