Wednesday, February 7, 2007

people in the gym

Good Morning,

It is still a bit cold here in Orlando. I actually love the cold weather. My family lives in Brookyln, New York. So I got used to it visting them and then I actually moved up there for a while for a hot job that turned sour. (long story). Lets just say my boss didn't like that I was bigger than him LOL.

I can proudly say that I am 98 % better. I still have nasal congestion, but it isn't too bad. I actually trained again Monday. I trained back, and I really didn't want to train hardcore so I went softcore and did a 405 deadlift. it killed me doing this becuase deep down inside I was itching to slap some more 45's on there and get Hardcore but I didn't train for 2 days and I was sick as a dog. So next time ....its on baby. I am on a misson. I am going to try to attempt to go over the 600 mark. I will be safe of course. I always suggest anyone who does these to wear a good weightbelt, it will save your back.

The other day I was a bit surprised about something. I noticed that certain people in the gym that I now train at act like they are better than everyone else. Okay, now I am zoned in the gym when I train I understand that but these people used to be my friends, and I haven't seen them in a few years. You would think that we would click better now that we compete on the same level but we don't. It really amazes me cause we always would joke, talk , and all that good stuff. When I had ran into them it was just staring at me and looking at me with knives in thier eyes. I say hi, and its a cold shoulder. It really amazes me and yet opens my eyes to see what these people are really about. I promise you guys this. If you see me, don't worry I don't bite. I love meeting people and having a few laughs. If I am training, I will say hi, and catch up with you later. I don't like to get cold when i train. I like to keep the muscles warm. I got to get that pump feeling you know, makes me look bigger. LOL

I just saw on the news that some marathon runners ran 86 floors on the Empire State building. Now that is real cardio. I need to do that. LOL

Bodybuilding is what I love, and I hope someday to be on the pro circut. I think I would make a great pro. You would see my face alot on the circut. In the meantime I just have to train hard, and pray that one day God blesses me with that opportunity.

Okay I will write more later, my next meal is starring me in the face, and again I am in the packing on muscle phase so in order to grow I have to eat. today I was 177. Lots of great gains.