Saturday, February 3, 2007

Making it through the weekend

I wanted to send my condolences to the familes who have suffered from the tornados that hit Central Florida a day ago. It was unexpected as it hit the area early in the morning around 3-4:00am. At least 20 people have been killed by the tornados. I had a few people ask me if I hda experienced any damage, and I am lucky to say no. We experienced alot of heavy rain. Right now the weather is cold and a bit gloomy :(

As for myself right now I am battling a flu bug. I don't like colds. I get aches and pains and i just want to sleep. I am always on the go. But now I am just lounging around the house and watching some netflix rentals like Grandmas House, Scarface, and Somethings Gotta Give.
I hope that this bug passes fast so I can go and train again. I miss the gym so much already. LOL

I have been drinking lots of soups, and fluids. From time to time I try to eat some real food from my diet but its hard to swallow right now. I think what works best is if I make a puree out of it and eat it like baby food.

In the prior blog my weight is 175 lbs. My goal is to put on some more muscle. People ask me since I weigh this much now I probably won't be a light heavy weight. Well My response to that is anything is possible. I always like to leave all doors open for opportunities.

Superbowl is almost here too. I wish I can go and watch. ;)

The Arnold Classic is almost here. I went ahead and did VIP. I will be there to meet fans, friends and of course get up, close and personal with the Pros.

I wanted to show some pictures of my pride and joy. This is my Bichion Snoopy

and the second picture is my English Bulldog Ruby. She loves sticking her tongue out for the camera