Friday, August 24, 2007

Good News!

I want to say real quick that alot of people are voting on Cory Everson on my poll. Make sure to do your homework on that. One day left for voting

My friend David told me this morning how NBC is now auditioning for the American Gladiators.
He thought he would let me know as he felt it would be good for me to audition for. I personally think I highly qualify for a shot at it. I looked over the long application and pretty much they wanna know YOU, who u are, what makes you unique, Etc. Piece of cake as I am not like any other. My personality and background shine for me. I already filled out the application and now I just need to set time aside to shoot the short video clip. I just hope there is enough Isabelle to film for 5 minutes. I have some creative ideas on my storyline. Wish me luck on that. I will keep you posted. I have to admit, I am wondering what kind of physique they are looking for. Nothing against fitness or figure girls. I think this is a great opportunity for any female bodybuilder as it can create some great publicity and shine a great light on us. But I hope they pick a few muscle girls, and not just wwe diva style girls if you know what I mean.

Before I leave you I want to share something very funny that happened early this morning at the gym. You wont believe what happened to me. I was doing bent over rear cables and I was just going at it like a mad woman. Well this big muscle guy walks up to me and says "you have a huge tear in the back of your pants" I about died. SO pretty much the whole time I was standing there with half of my butts checks saying hi to everyone. LOL. I walked away and took my jacket off and went back and kept working out. I need to get my stuff done. But I was very thankful for him bringing that to my attention. Some people don't even bother to tell you. LOL

well I thought it was very funny and man I wish I had footage of it. It kinda reminds me of this one jackass episode or maybe it was in the movie where the old lady closes the car door and it rips her dress off and she is talking to people without realizing her clothes are off. it is so funny. Of course its not real its alot of latex and makeup. *wink. I should of acted like it was a hidden camera TV show when he told me about my huge tear in my pants.

here is my quote for my accidental mooning lol

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. -- Will Rogers

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I choose to rise up out of that storm and see that in moments of desperation, fear, and helplessness, each of us can be a rainbow of hope, doing what we can to extend ourselves in kindness and grace to one another. And I know for sure that there is no them.. there's only us.
- Oprah Winfrey

I am a professional, and sometimes we cannot control what happens in life. I say this because again I am getting negative attacks from people about USAs. Some people are viewing me as a joke, a flake, etc.. Well let me put it to you loud and clear. You can say whatever you want about me as I know what I can do and achieve when I put my mind to it. This goes for bodybuilding and my life in general. I get tired of being judged by people, and especially those who think they know me. Its bad enough my family doesn't support me in my bodybuilding and I love them to death. Personally I love bodybuilding and maybe I did make the wrong decision to not do USAs. But in my heart I think I did the right thing regardless. People can talk as much as they want but you wont knock me down. NO WAY!!! It only fires my furnace and makes me a better bodybuilder physically and mentally. Again not trying to sound cocky but I know what I got and what I can do *wink. I haven't put this much time in my body for nothing. Anybody can achieve anything when they put their mind to it. I am so happy that I have alot of people still behind me that believe in me and know what I can do. Thank you so much for your support! Now I just hope the judges will like what I got!

I think I am a fantastic bodybuilder/role model. I love going to shows and cheering on the people on stage. Sometimes I have even cryed when someone won, because I can tell how hard they worked and I knew they where the genuine article. Everyone can train and diet, but it takes alot more to be a successful bodybuilder. It comes from within. It takes alot of heart!

Nationals are 12.5 weeks away. Lots of great competitors and this is the show to do as everyone in a class wins a pro card. How sweet is that! Just wish it could happen at every national show *wink.

See you in Dallas

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Muscles is a beautiful thing!!!!!!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog. Take the time and appreciate a female bodybuilder as they work hard to get to where they are and what they have achieved.

Winner's Blueprint for Achievement

BELIEVE while others are doubting.
PLAN while others are playing.
STUDY while others are sleeping.
DECIDE while others are delaying.
PREPARE while others are daydreaming.
BEGIN while others are procrastinating.
WORK while others are wishing.SAVE while others are wasting.
LISTEN while others are talking.
SMILE while others are frowning.
Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love.
COMMEND while others are criticizing.
PERSIST while others are quitting."
-William Arthur Ward

I have been doing web cam on and I was very surprised at the amount of fans that came to see me being off season and all. I start my diet in a few weeks. Lets just say that I am changing a lot of things this time. I have been very fortunate to have good friends and great fans. Not trying to change the subject but I really would like some chocolate milk right now :)

Now a funny story. I was on my way to the gym, and well I got puled over by Mr. policeman. SO of course the first thing comes to my mind......oh great! well it wasn't exactly that but use your So in my front passenger seat I have my cooler, my training gear, and my gallon of water. I had on a tank top and shorts. So anyway, the policeman comes up and looks at me. I give him the innocent little girl face, and was very respectful. I gave him my license and registration and he just gave me a warning. I was very surprised. But hey you don't see me complaining. I was lucky. So having muscle does have great advantages. *wink.

I have gotten a lot of things for being muscular, and it helps when you have a bit pf personality behind the muscle too.

Nationals, wow it will be 13 weeks from Saturday. I seriously need to make up for USAs and for 2004 nationals.

Before i end my blog, I want to say something. I am who I am and I am dam proud of it. I say this because I get tired of the negative feedback sometimes in the sport. I am in bodybuilding for the long haul. I want to take this sport as far as I can all the way to the top. I do wish I was born at an earlier age around the late 60s/early 70s then i could have seen all the great ones and been in one of the best bodybuilding eras. I am so thrilled that Muscular Development has been covering a lot of female bodybuilding. Now if we can get some female bodybuilders on the cover that would be great!!!!!!

I saw vacancy last night and it scared me. it was a good thriller but I think there could have been more to it. I also saw Fracture with Anthony Hopkins, that was okay.

Okay i need to take a nap. I have to be at the gym at 2 am. Poor me.

love you guys
talk to you soon

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I would love to meet.....

I encourage a lot of you to take the time and thank a female bodybuilder for her physique and hard work. It takes a lot mentally and physically to do what we do. If I had it my way I would make a " thank a female bodybuilder" day. Its nice to hear a compliment as it can really brighten someones day. So to all my sister iron goddesses I personally want to thank all of you because you are doing one of the hardest sports around, and all your physiques are beautiful.

I would love to meet Christopher Walken. He is such an amazing actor. I rented a lot of Christopher Walken movies courtesy of Netflix. I am having a Christopher Walken movie marathon. LOL. I love movies and I rent alot of them. It helps my cardio session go by easier as I am not ecstatic about cardio. I know some people who are just cardio addicts doing hours of cardio a day. I admit it is nice to do cardio in the comfort of you home. :) Seriously, just once I would love to have the opportunity to meet Christopher Walken. You can never get enough of him. So if anyone knows him, could you put in a good word for me :)
On a lighter note. After my blog posting the other day, I have received several emails from friends/fans expressing how they still believe in me and know what I can do when I step on stage which could be very soon. I cant tell you guys that when I receive emails like this especially the amount yesterday I take it to heart. It makes me feel so special and unique. I want to tell you thank you for everything.

Its Monday and today is my off day. Mondays are usually very busy for me as I have a business to run and plus school is starting very soon. Its crunch time for me.

talk to you later

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Never Down For The Count! Believe That!


I know what you are thinking......"where have I been, and what happened at USAs". All I can say is this.....yes I looked freaking great in my prep for USAs. But let me tell you this, I made a good decision on not to do USAs. Trust me! Things do happen. I talked with world historian/photographer Bill Dobbins. I always like to hear his opinion as he is a very smart man and has been drilling my thick skull since I met him in 2003. He has taught me a lot of things about bodybuilding. I feel honored to call him my friend and have someone like that who knows and understand what us female bodybuilders go through. Anyway he has and always will inspire me through his wisdom. Plus just being around him and hearing the stories of back in the early days of the classic bodybuilders such as Frank Zane, Tom Platz and many others is just music to my ears. I admit I am a fan of the more classic bodybuilding going from Arnold's time up to the late 90s around the time of Dorian Yates, and Kim Chizevsky. Things have changed since then. Oh and I would love to watch the pose downs between Lenda Murray and Laura Creavalle.

To get back on topic, I tend to go on and on about this stuff. lol

Okay so I had a great time in Las Vegas. I stood at the New York New York. It was fun. Yes I did hit the slot a few times and won a total of *drumroll*......$49.00. LOL

Now I heard a lot of crap talked about me in regards to me going and seeing Vegas. What am I suppose to do ... lock myself up in my room and stare at the wall. I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!

I love to make the best of things. I don't think about the negative I think about the positive. Some people need to get out of the holes they live in and stop worrying & being unhappy. You need to live each day to the fullest, and set goals each day. For example, saying hi to a complete stranger or opening a door for someone. Little gestures like that can have such a positive impact on people. For every action is a reaction. SO I was positive and had fun.

Oh and yes I did eat. One of my favorite places was HASH HASH a go go. This place was heaven. The flapjacks/pancakes where the size of one of Branch Warrens legs. We all know he has got some wheels on him. I loved the food. My favorite was the french toast as I am a huge french toast fan. I did stop by Cheesecake Factory, as my fans know I love cheesecake. LOL
The best buffet I had was at the WYNN. It was expensive but well worth the money I'd say.


I want to apologize to my fans and and my friends. I know you guys wanted the best for me at USAs. You will find that I speak truly from my heart. So I want to say that it really truly touched my heart when I saw the amount of positive feedback I got from people on the boards about turning pro. I cryed alot of times prior to the show because I never knew so many people cared about me and thought so highly of me like that. On top of that I never have got so many calls and emails like I did the day of the show. SO many people where so worried about me and very sad. I am soooo sorry. I seriously promise and I do keep my promises that I will make it up to you.

I admit yes I do very badly want to be a pro and maybe someday a future Mrs. Olympia. Please don't find me cocky, its just that I feel in my heart I do have the genetics and structure to go all the way. I just need to cross that line and get the first step which is a pro card and take it from there.

Bodybuilding has grown a part of me. I am very passionate about it and also I can be very competitive, as you have to be in this sport to survive. I just go in the gym and train and give it my best I can. But I want to say that one main ingredient to bodybuilding success is having a strong mind. You can achieve so much. I have seen a lot of national competitors be so cocky and not give a crap about the fans, etc. I am sorry but that's not my style. A true Pro is all for the fans and lives the bodybuilding dream. A great example is Jay Cutler!

My dream is be a Pro and further my career in Bodybuilding. Yes there is drama and negative comments in regards to FBBs, and the sport in general. It doesn't bother me. I know what I can do and achieve in the sport if I focus and set my mind to it. I love this sport so much. I do it because its fun and challenging. Plus I love the fans. You are the ones that keep our sport going. I thank you for that. Please don't stop loving the sport regardless of the crap you hear.

I want to let you guys know that I need to make it up to You for USAs and I will. I promise. I have a plan in mind, not 100 % sure yet but we will see. Some already know what I am talking about. I have been upset a little bit because people think they know me. Well they don't know POOP POO. I am full of surprises. I am going to take things into my own hands and do my own thing as I know my body very well or else I would not have made such great gains over the years. Again not to be cocky. i am proud of what I have a achieved and what I am. Again you will find that even though I diet for shows I wont blow you off, as you guys help me and motivate me. I am sorry that it took me this long though to write a blog. I needed to think and map out some things.

I do have to say one thing. What comes around goes around. LOL This is a inside thing to me, but it amazes how the heavies where placed at USAs. Geez Where would I have fit. Honestly I was 145lbs 5 weeks out to USAs. SO I would have been a light heavy. A big one at that. A lot of people are trying to get me to do the Nationals in Dallas. Which would be more challenging. All I can say is bring it on. LOL. For me it would be a good show because I need to make up for 2004 Nationals where I was on another planet, weighed in at 170 lbs, placed 9th and and looked like well a blob. i can be so critical. You know this is what inspired me to do the North American Last year.

Well its just a thought. What do you guys think about Nationals. Yeah or Ney? Sorry for the long long novel. But I have had you guys on my mind. I love you guys so much for believing in me and putting me on such a high pedestal. And to you others that just don't understand and talk the drama you do. I am going to be wearing my hater blocker sunglasses. You can say what you want about me, but know this when I do a show and step on stage again I mean business. And trust me I will give my competitors a run for the money. I just hope that judges will like my shape and the package I bring. Personally between you and I. I don't care who is owed a pro card, I am not going down without a fight. Believe that!

Okay love you guys and I will be doing some videos of me training hardcore and also I am going to be doing cam again on and

Love you have a great weekend