Sunday, August 12, 2007

I would love to meet.....

I encourage a lot of you to take the time and thank a female bodybuilder for her physique and hard work. It takes a lot mentally and physically to do what we do. If I had it my way I would make a " thank a female bodybuilder" day. Its nice to hear a compliment as it can really brighten someones day. So to all my sister iron goddesses I personally want to thank all of you because you are doing one of the hardest sports around, and all your physiques are beautiful.

I would love to meet Christopher Walken. He is such an amazing actor. I rented a lot of Christopher Walken movies courtesy of Netflix. I am having a Christopher Walken movie marathon. LOL. I love movies and I rent alot of them. It helps my cardio session go by easier as I am not ecstatic about cardio. I know some people who are just cardio addicts doing hours of cardio a day. I admit it is nice to do cardio in the comfort of you home. :) Seriously, just once I would love to have the opportunity to meet Christopher Walken. You can never get enough of him. So if anyone knows him, could you put in a good word for me :)
On a lighter note. After my blog posting the other day, I have received several emails from friends/fans expressing how they still believe in me and know what I can do when I step on stage which could be very soon. I cant tell you guys that when I receive emails like this especially the amount yesterday I take it to heart. It makes me feel so special and unique. I want to tell you thank you for everything.

Its Monday and today is my off day. Mondays are usually very busy for me as I have a business to run and plus school is starting very soon. Its crunch time for me.

talk to you later