Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Had Fun In Dallas

Before I begin I want to share something with you. I'm not going to mention names but there is someone out there who is not too happy with me and is bashing my name, not alone threatening me telling me that "they will see to it that I will never place top 5 in any show I do because of the connections or power they have in the NPC level. I've been doing my homework. Anyways, If you even knew what rude comments where said towards me. Well I wanted to post this and warn other fbbs that bodybuilding can have its sour apples. I think it is unprofessional how this person approached me and then verbally attacked me. I saved all the text I got from this person just in case. No worries my friend, your not hurting me any. I actually laughed about it. LOL. People who truly know me know what I am about. You'll see my friend. I have already talked to a few high end people on this matter as the comment is a threat. Again it was stupid and unprofessional the way this was handled. All your doing for me is giving me motivation and more fire to push forward and not look back.

Moving onward

Wow did I have a blast in Dallas. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary and I rented a car and Drove to Dallas for Nationals. I know I'm nuts. LOL. It was a long ride about 17 hours. It was well worth the trip.

I stayed at the host hotel " the Fairmont" and had a wonderful time. I finally got to meet a close friend of mine who has been there for me through thick and thin.

here is my take on Nationals.

Do u really you really wanna know my thoughts on Nationals . LOL I'll be sweet Little girl I am. ha ha. I will say I was very amazed on the way the judges how the judges went on the judging. It was all over the place.

The lightweights I didn't understand that call at all. Middles I was happy as I love Tina Chandler and always have admired her package. The light heavies well this was up in the air. Kristy looked great of course was harder and very well conditioned. You know I was cheering for Elena as she has been a pro or a while now and she would be a great force on the pro sage. But getting back to the judging I think the majority of the group was softer and i always thought they judge based on he majority of the group. Regardless all of the ladies looked sensational and put on a great presentation.

Now the heavies is where i got thrown off. Michelle Neil was sliced and diced, dry to the bone. She brought her A game. Kris Murrell was Massive, conditioned, and beautiful. Julia Stamper was also like Michelle Neil and had insane conditioning. Now I think her body fat was 3 % and she also gained more size since USAs. Talk about impressive. She should have placed higher. IMO Its Nationals and again we never know what they are looking for on that day.

Now there where some ladies up there that I had to question on "how in the world did they get qualified and Had they even heard of a clean balanced diet not alone cardio?". I know it may sound mean but when you are on that stage, you are competing among the best in the nation. On top of that you are representing the rest of us fbb athletes. Again not trying to sound mean but it is the biggest show on the national level, and i think some of those girls could have represented themselves better. Well thats my 2 cents.