Thursday, November 1, 2007

I will be in Dallas....

I am very excited attending Nationals in Dallas. I am sure I may get hounded with the typical "why I am not onstage" lol, and then then some make take some snap shots of course. :) hey I am here for fun and there is nothing better than being in a room full of muscle. haha

I may not be competing in Nationals, but I am still going to support my friends. Elena Seiple is one to watch in the light heavies. As we all know with the awesome line-up and also Steve Wennerstrom getting a recognition award. You can find out more here . Also I am supporting my other friends like Al who competed in the light heavies and came in 2nd. He was on the money and I really think Nationals is his for the taking. He has great genetics. Also There is his training partner Galina who won her lightweight class at the USAs. She has a complete package and definitely a favorite. In the heavyweights Michelle Neil is certainly bringing it. I like Kris Murell as she has a nice shape and great look plus her posing is off the charts. Another person who will definitely be tough to beat is Julia Stamper as she always has FLAWLESS conditioning. I am sure she will be a threat!