Monday, November 5, 2007

Hanging out with "BIG" Kris Murrell and Dan Ray at the NPC All South

Hanging out with "BIG" Kris Murrell and Dan Ray at the NPC All South

I went to St. Augustine to talk to Tim Gardner as well as cheer some Team BodyTech athletes and a few other special people like Chris Eaddy who got me my win at the 03 Excalibur in CA, and my very good friend Ellen Woodley.

After the prejudging I met Dan Ray finally as we had talked alot via the Internet. Dan was very laid back and way cool. Then he introduced me to the 'Big" Kris Murrell who reminded me of a Barbie Doll with muscles. I have always admired Kris as she is big, symmetrical and pretty and that makes a bold statement in FBB. It was a real treat to be spending the day with these two. I didn't have much to do after the show and she invited me to hang with her and Dan. It was very sweet of her to offer me that as i was a complete stranger. Kris was very hospitable and made e feel right at home. She offered to take me and Dan to get something to eat, she even offered me her chicken and sirloin steak. LOL! As I know some that don't share ha ha

I had a real blast as we all talk about competitions, competitors, how she got started, etc. Dan was really funny and had some pretty interesting stories lol. He was telling about some of his MANY photo shoots for MD, and unique characters that he has met at some of the contest. ha ha. He is such a big time sport guy too lol. We plan to do a shoot next week in my off season state Well I have to mention that Kris has this cute toy Chihuahua named China. I swear she must have weighed less than 2 pounds ha ha. She is the perfect watch dog lol. China is so smart and boy she has a bark on her. ha ha. I would like to get a toy dog but I am afraid my Bulldog could hurt her/him. She can be so rough.

Lastly I want to mention that Kris Murrell is very passionate and hardcore in bodybuilding and its people like her and many others that put a positive impact on the sport. AS yes she has a terrific package but what really makes her shine even more is her personality and attitude. I'm sorry but I just couldn't get over how massive she is. ha ha. She is going to amaze alot of people.