Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Tis the season. LOL. Out of a special resquest, I had to change he beggining of my post. No big deal but I hate teling you guys one thing and changing it around larer one. So I apologize about that. But I think I aid a little too much lol.
Well as far as me and my why I have been away is that I am at one of the happiest moments of my life. I couldnt ask for anything more. I have been doing alot of traveling and relaxing which is something I truly needed. WHEW! I still will be traveling for the next month or so. Sometimes things happen when we least expect it. Im blessed to have what I have. I know some are not too thrilled with me on the national circut and are not happy with my new blessings. LOL. It doesnt bother me one bit. I just keep pushing forward leaving all the drama and negative crap behind me.
Some of you know I have my eyes on USAs. My coach Tim Gardner feels this is what is best for me. Tim is a great guy and you can find out more about him at http://forums.musculardevelopment.com/showthread.php?t=10817
Stop by and say hi to Tim.

Well I am so excited again. Training is picking back up. I need the rest it was long over do. My weight is is between 185-188. Just depends on what cheat meal I eat that day..LOL
these pics are me at the 188.5 take a few days ago