Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here I Am

Look whos back in action. I know you guys missed me LOL

This weekend I went to Tim Gardner's "Hurricane and Typhoon Bay" bodybuilding contest. Tim Gardner is a great coach and trainer. Tim helped me out and he is such a great motivator. Tim has such a big heart and cares alot about his athletes. Its like where all family. It was so nice seeing him again after so long. i will be seeing more of him soon. You can check him out at Tim and his wife Brandi put together a great show. All the competitors walked away with a lot of goodies. The trophies given away to the competitors where the beautifully sculpted Neils Anderson

I met a lot of wonderful people at the show and one of those was the very talented national competitor Diana Cook who won the Jr. Nationals this year. She has an incredible package and is going to have her pro card very soon. I got to hang out with my friends Marissa and her boyfriend Nick who competed in the middleweights and came in 3rd. We then went to Sam Seltzers Steakhouse and had broiled salmon which was sooooo yummy. LOL

My weight is currently .....none of your beeswax haha just kidding. Seriously though I am 176 lbs this morning. I know what your thinking..." she is a small fry" Well lets just say I have a few aces up my sleeve. Its so nice sitting back and not focusing on my weight for once . One of my aces is Howard also known as Big Daddy H or HHH. He has done some incredible transformations with his girls and they are all beautiful. I am not trying to knock anyone down but some ladies dont present themselves on stage the way a fbb should and they wonder why they place so low. But anyways, I leave to OKC in early October to get my training/beatings in....LOL. I have heard some wild stories about Howards training methods. I hope I will be able to move after my workouts They might need to call the ambulance or wheel me out of the I am looking forward to the transformation. Be sure to check out Big Daddy Hs site and his forum at
. Oh yes and my other aces I will mention later ...TBA :)

I want to give a shout out to Elena Seiple and her true love Brad.
What a happy couple these two are. I am very happy for Elena, as this guy is "the one". It would be nice if NPC had a couples posing divsion in the national level as these two would be a hot item. Oh and want to say real quick that Elena Seiple has one of the BEST physiques hands down. It amazes me how catty some competitors can be with another competitor in the same class. Of course when you have a great physique like Elena a lot of girls would consider you a threat. So they become really jealous, talk crap and act very immature. It really annoys me as I too have had my fair share from some girls as well. Why cant we just act like a family and enjoy what we do and love. Cant we just get along So to make my piont dont be hating and let her win what is rightfully hers ..the pro card. Thank God I am not in her class. :) Brad recently competed in a few shows and did very well. Brads physique is awesome, and he has a very tiny waist which is a big plus. Iam so happy for them both. DO I HEAR WEDDING BELLS......:) Check out her journal for pics of her man Brad from his recent contest the X-Calibur in South Carolina You will be very impressed.

Congratulations to Lisa Aukland on winning the overall in the Atlantic City show this weekend. I also want to say congratulations to Joanna Thomas on her comeback, but I feel she should have been placed higher but thats my opinion. She is the one that taught me a few posing tricks a long time ago. We also went to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Birthday party in Los Angelas a few years back. And I got to shake his hand. I didn't want that hand for We also went with IFBB Pro Mike Morris who got he Governators autograph on a napkin..luck guy