Wednesday, March 7, 2007

had a great time at the expo

I got the chance to meet alot of interesting people at the Expo. Everyone was so nice and boy was it crowded in there. I got to see John Cena and that was the highlight of my day. USAs are approaching and who knows what is going to happen there. I will give you an update on my gains. I am now 178 lbs. I can't express who much great gains I have made this offseason. I was covered up at the Arnold Classic. I didn't show too much. To be honest no one really recognized me. I had a hat on shades, pants, and a jacket. There was a one time when I wore shorts. But my legs where rubbing together too much. I hate that!! SO I went and changed. Seriously It was funny to see these people I knew very well not even recognize me.

I was amazed how some of the famous bodybuilders acted. I got alot of beef from them. In my head I was thinking how I wanted to strip off my clothes and do a pose down in my undies, and see how they would act then. What bothered me was how crappy they treated me. I don't know why I didn't do anything wrong. Oh well that how it can be sometimes.

I was so excited to see snow falling while I was there in Columbus. It was so beautiful. Being from Florida we don't even know what snow is. LOL

the Southern USA is April 14th and I will be going to that to see the show and meet fans.

I am watching Fast Food Nation, and it is grossing me out just a little bit. ;(
Had the opportunity to see Borat last night and that was hilarious.