Friday, March 9, 2007

A leg day that I will not forget

I never experienced a leg day like I did yesterday. I trained legs did the normal sets and volume. Didn't really do anythig diffrent. I felt my quads getting more and more tighter and fully pumped. It was a great feeling but it was to the piont where I couldn't fully stand straight up. My legs then started shaking and they felt like jelly. I got that wonderful nausea feeling in my tummy.

I drive a manual stick gt mustang and thank god my leg didn't act up on me. I had to get something in my belly, and After seeing Fast Food Nation, it totally changed my outlook on fast food. So I went and picked up some things at te supermarket.

Finally I got home and it happened. My legs starting crampping really bad at my tear drops and I feel to the ground on my kitchen floor. I could not get up. It was such a horrible feeling. my bulldog and bichion where going nuts cause they knew mommy was in severe pain.

I never experienced this in any of my workouts. I kept on trying to think positive and Itold myself DAM that must of been one hell of a great workout,and it probably was. :) Knowing me.

Finally, I started to try to get up and yes it was still crammping but not as bad. I then got sick to my stomach. I drank some water, and tried to lay down on my couch. I ordered chinese and got some won ton soup, hot and sour, egg drop soup, and a clear broth with scallions and mushrooms. I could not eat for the rest of the night.

I couldn't sleep either. Tossing and turning. I got up arounbd 8:30 am which is very late for me since I usallu get up at 4:00 am. My legs are extremely sore. I think I am going to take the day off, not to sure yet.

I am going to go later to get my car looked at. I have been eyeing a Hummer H2. I think it would be cool to have one. Since I have been putting on all this size. I need some more room. Its kinda a pain getting in and out of the mustang.

My friend is taking me to a brazilian supermarket today and introducing me to some new foods before I start my lovely diet. I love learning diffrent cultures.

talk to you guys later