Monday, July 12, 2010

A weekend of muscle madness "oh my" NPC Indiana Mid Western

NPC Indiana Mid Western show was promoted by Rick Walters and his Lovely wife. Every year they put on a great show and have a decent amount of athletes. Of course in my eyes everyone is a winner at the show, and being a judge is tough. For this show there was a lot of "cookie cutter" shapes and this is where it gets hard to pick and chose your favorite physique. We had some competitors from Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, And even one all the way from Alaska. We had a father bodybuilders competing and we even had three bothers competing with later giving a tribute to their dear sweet mother at the night show. I thought that was sweet. The hardest classes for me to judge was the men's open light heavy and the masters. Bikini wasn't a big hit at the show and we probably only had 4 total competing. At least at this contest the girls were more decent and not jiggling their bootie like a certain bikini girl we had who must have been the back up dancer for 2 live crew. The nice thing I do like about the show is that Rick Walters gives out swords. I love swords, and if I could I would get me a replica Conan sword and hang it on my wall. But before that I would Buy something signed with Walt Disney's signature.

SO I do have a funny story to tell from the night show. What girl doesn't like to look cute..right! Well I do :) So I am walking around talking to people, etc. I wore a nice dress that was a pretty blue ( my favorite color) and then I had on some Pumps (heels) well after the night show and after dinner I went back to my hotel room and realized I still had the price tag on the bottom of my heel. In the words of Homer Simpson "D'oh"You can probably imagine the other words I said after that LOL. Heres the kicker, if my friends saw it they didn't tell me lol. It 's just like when you talk to someone and they may have a boogie hanging out there nose *wink. You know what I'm talking about here as you may notice something foreign on thier face and your eyes are drawn to it. Its like in Cheech and Chong with Cheech's relative Strawberry who was an military veteran had a huge birthmark on his face and Chong couldn't help but stare at it. Or even better yet its like Austin powers making his comment about the Mole...mole mole mole lol. I still can't believe I did that. I know I took the tag off of the other heel but I failed to check the other one.

This weekend was also one of the oldest and biggest local level shows around in the NPC. The 30th annual Southern States held at the War Memorial in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Peter Potter does a fabulous job with the show every year. Now in Florida we have a lot of shows around 32 or so to be exact going from a level I up to a level V.

I think at the Southern States they had 30 judges :) which are rotated in and out. Well I want to congratulate a athlete and friend that has really been very discipline and strict this year with her contest prep. There where a good amount of competition in her lightweight class and she came in as a lean machine and had a very nice feminine package. I am very proud of her and her accomplishment. It made me feel very good as I know the hard work she invested and not to mention the major changes in her physique she made. She will be competing in a few weeks in Masters and I wish her the best out there. Masters is going to be HUGE!! This weekend we have the Tampa Pro show and we have a lot of veterans competing in that show. I thought about flying down there for the show but I have to slow down my travel as i'm in the last few weeks of school and I myself am training a few clients and need to give them my attention. I can't tell you how much I miss having a personal training studio. It was so nice. I mind paying a monthly or weekly fee for the space but I want my own studio lol. Maybe in the future I will have one again :)

Oh I FINALLY saw 7 pounds tonight. I watched it and was reminded as to why I didn't rent it when it came out. It is a very very good movie but look out as you will cry. It is so sweet and kind but sad. I had to pick up my mood and watch the hangover again LOL. I know that movie by heart now.

Okay time to relax a little bit