Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For you vein fans

I'm tired and I ready to get the show on the road. I am right where I need to be. I am very happy with how my physique has turned out and I can't wait to see what the finished product will be in another week and a half. This has got to be the best conditioning I have had in a long time. Its been a few years since I have had a successful prep. There has always been something that has gotten in the way or stopped me from reaching my full potential. This year I am blessed. I have the best of both worlds. Tim Gardner has been prepping me and has been there for me through the good and the bad. He doesn't color coat things and he tells it how it is. There where times when I got down on myseld and he kept on pushing me and making me aware of what was on the line. He has always believed in my potential since day 1. I am very honored to be working with him. I am aiming for a pro card. I have no idea what the judges are looking for. It constantly changes. So all I can do is be myself and show off what I worked so hard for. But the important thing is to have fun in the process lol

Then I have my awesome boyfriend David Stamper. He has gone above and beyond for me. He treats me like a little princess. David is my knight in shinning armour. Hes been the backbone to my success with my prep for the show. I am looking forward to Vegas as it will be our first time together there. I will be sure to take some candid shots for you. :) Pretty soon I may be a Mrs. Stamper but I better be careful as some people already had a heart attack over my wedding comments. I wouldn't talk about something if I wasn't serious. I will have to take a picture of my engagement ring as it is gorgeous and it has lots of diamonds. :) lol

Now for some veins

I just wanted to post some random shots David took as he caught me off guard in my relaxed state lol