Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Want to say HI

I just want to let my friends and fans know that I am alive and well :)

I don't go online very much as I did b/c I find around this time people tend to stir up drama and hype. I have no interest to be a part of that. So I decided to just do my thing and stay offline. Its better that way if you ask me. I sometimes wonder what would it have been like if the Internet had been available around the time of Arnold and all the great true bodybuilders.

Another thing that I want to say is this. It sickens me and aggravates me that society does not favor female bodybuilding too well. I say this because people see fbbs like me and its always dumb comments like women aren't meant to have muscle, she has veins popping out she is sick, etc. Get a life people. If I was 400 pounds nobody would care about it. But a girl having muscle is a big deal to most people. I don't care what you think about me or my sisters of iron. We love what we do or else we wouldn't be doing it. People have no idea how bodybuilding makes us feel. It is a mind,body, spirit thing. I have to say another thing I love this sport too much and it saddens me when girls are awarded a pro card, they do one show or they don't do any and you never hear from them again. We need girls that will do shows and keep going with it. They help keep the sport alive and fresh. We also need to show society that female bodybuilding is beautiful and we are the living art, well more like a beautiful anantomy chart. Our bodies speak for our selves and show our work. Anyone can lift a weight and call themselves a bodybuilder but it takes more to be a true bodybuilder. It is a skill and its all about the technique, and discipline. That's how you build a well development muscular body. Oh and you have to have a little bit of patience :)

On another note I joined another gym recently mainly because it is where I actually started my bodybuilding training. The cool thing about the gym is that it has old equipment. Equipment that you wont find now a days. Allot of Icarian, old lifefitness, cybex, Nautilus. Great smooth pieces. So Its in my benefit. Now I am a member of 4 gyms plus my personal training studio.

talk to later