Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Updates for you :)

Hello friends and fans. Here are some pictures of my progress. I also have been doing pole classes for fun as its a beautiful art. I am so excited to be back at it again. As I said before, I am dedicating my comeback show to my fans. I love you all for your support and believing in me. Ive recently had a lot of people telling me how big I am. I honestly dont think Im that big. Maybe its just me but I dont see what you all see.
As you know preparing for contest is very expensive and takes alot of discipline, time, and patience.  I want to make you all proud of me when I hit the stage. To be the best and bring my absolute best to the stage in 2014, I need your support with helping me reach my competition goals. Im always looking for sponsorships and donations to help with my training and competition expenses.  I will personally send a thank you letter or email and a thank you video. I can also do video chats, talk about you or your company on my blog, personal training from yours  truly, nutrition plans, come to your school or place of work to give seminar on fitness and nutrition and so much more all for helping me.
You can send donation to isabelleturell@hotmail.com through paypal or chase quick collect please send as a gift.
Thank you so much