Sunday, January 5, 2014

For the record

There was chit chat that I was retired, losing muscle, doing figure/fitness, abducted by aliens, living on an island,  etc..etc.. I think you know where Im getting at here. Well the chit chat is false. Whoever said that I have someone else doing my blog and that I dont like blogging anymore is dead wrong. Im the key master with blog and no will has or ever will have access to that. I assure you that.

Beyond all that Im going to be competing this year. Im so touched and honored by the wonderful fans and support I have. I really have been blessed. There are some very super special people at there that have blessed me so much. Thank you.

I dedicate my comeback show to my fans. You know Im not going anywhere. Nor am I throwing in the rag. I love muscles as it is very sexy and dominanting.

Time for me to go back to the nasty weather here. Brrrrr its cold