Sunday, September 19, 2010

Game Day

I got my ticket to the Colts and Giants game today. Manning vs Manning. I'm really excited to go. I have a great seat. Field sideline section 137 row 17. Thats not too bad I think. here is a picture from the section

I'm pretty excited. I am going to bring my camera and take some shots for yah'll. I have to leave early to get a parking lol. Its going to be crazy. The game isn't until early evening like 8 or 9 but you want to be there at least a few hours early. I will be sporting my Sanders jersey as 21 is my favorite number. WOOHOOO there is nothing like the sound of a roaring crowd, horns going off with a Colts touchdown, and you can't beat the music they it. I will say that the food is outrageous. I think a regular hotdog is 6 bucks. lol

Now I want to introduce the cutest little thing in the world.............

World meet Peppers. She is sooo adorable and I love her soo much. I have some video for you I just have to download it off my phone. She is a very sassy little thing and has an attitude lol. Its her way or no way. Peppers does not play nice with others.

Kisses and hugs to Peppers...

Yesterday I took Bunny to Petsmart to hang out with other dogs. Everyone loves her. She puts her paw out to shake your hand. Shes the sweetest stinkiest dog ever. Where ever I go she goes.
I bought her a pair of angel wings today :)

I will take a picture and show you later.

nite nite