Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God Is Great!!


The greatest news I got was a phone call today from my dad. :) I haven't heard from him in years. I thank God for the blessing. My dads really cool. Now when we first got together I just started bodybuilding and never seen him. When we met up for the first time he walks out and BAM he is a short man with big muscles. LOL He was a bodybuilder and trained at Golds Gym. My dad served in the military for a long time too. I love my father very much. Whats cool is that bodybuilding is in my blood obviously lol. I was shocked to see that he was built like a bodybuilder. LOL Again I thank God for sending me this miracle. He also helped me with another miracle which I will tell you about later. Some of my close friends know. I will say that I do believe things happen for a reason. I am at my best condition EVER! I have held strong minded and kept the course. My heart and God won't let me otherwise.

I want to thank CJ from Unique Physique as she is a ANGEL. CJ Has always been very good to me and has always done AMAZING work on my suits. My bulldog destroyed my suit and I had a backup but wanted to give CJ a call. Anyways, I told her my story and of course CJ lets me have it lol. When I say that I mean she told me how it is without the sugar coating lol. Well Long story short CJ reminded me this is the Arnold and its the biggest show of my life. Cj took care of me. She put together a GORGEOUS night suit, and when I say gorgeous I mean Gorgeous. OMG its beautiful. She also sent it to me a few days later. She really took care of me. I am so Blessed as she didn't have to go out of her way for me and she did. CJ has always been very passionate and dedicated to the sport for a long time. I love this woman to death. Her suits are amazing please stop by her site

I HIGHLY recommend her. The fabrics are gorgeous and the cuts are perfect. I won't use anybody but CJ.

God Bless you guys and have a great Night

P.S. Sioux I hope you got the email :) I miss you my friend. talk to you soon

2 weeks from Friday to the Ms. International