Friday, January 30, 2009

Heres the real reason why I left Florida. *wink

If I had a choice between snow and the beaches I would choose snow. LOL. I'm seriously kidding. I do miss the warm taosty weather in Florida, not to mention our spectacular beaches. I took a few pictures for you guys to see what you are missing. :)

Seriously it is beautiful here in Terre Haute, Indiana. I never got a chance to see Mother Nature do her work in Florida with the changes of the seasons. Here I do, which is really neat. I'm not too crazy about the snow as its difficult to drive in and it can be dangerous. On top of that its COLD...brrrrrrr. Originally, My family is from Brooklyn, New York so I have been there a lot of times when there was snow, but I never lived in the snow. Wow! What a HUGE difference. When I think of snow or cold weather I immediatly think of a warm cup of hot chocolate with a overload of marshmellows. LOL Right now I can't enjoy that. ha ha. I wonder why.

Dieting is torture. I am only 5 weeks out and right where I need to be. I have a fantastic trainer that is helping me with my diet along my journey. Its a very difficult diet and I have done it before but it was very tough to follow back then as I wasn't used to it. Now its a piece of cake and in 4 weeks I have made BIG changes in my physique. My conditioning is right on track and I am the best I have ever been. We never know what the judges will be looking for but the overall package has to be flawless. You must be conditioned, symetrical, and have good stage presentation. Its like being in a Miss America pagent accept this is the Ms. International. LOL. The days are really dragging slowly. Which is fine as I get to pace myself. Well wait, its not fine aas I am dying over here. LOL. Somebody please throw me some table scrapes. The only thing I will get to being seeing for the next weeks is chicken chicken fish and did I mention chicken. Not to mention my yummy veggies and my fabulous carbs. Blah.

Everything has a purpose and this purpose is to bring a very conditioned physique to the stage.

Before I go I do want to add that David has been a really big help in my prep. Without him I wouldn't be where I am at in this stage of the diet. He such a sweetheart and its the little things he does that mean a lot to me. Thanks so much Honey Buns.