Saturday, August 9, 2008

I need your prayers please

I called my Grandmother the other day to see how she was doing and she sounded horrible on the phone. At first I thought I woke her up from a nap as she loves to take naps. But she wasn't herself. She said she wasn't doing to well and of course I asked why.

My grandmother is a very high spirited lady. If she wanted too she could have been a famous comedian as she is soooo funny. She is from Brooklyn, NY and a Puerto Rican on top of that so you can imagine her personality. She is always the life of a party. She has a heart of gold and shes takes in stray dogs and cats that she finds on the streets and finds them a good home. God bless her. She really goes out of her way for anyone and will give you the shirt off her back. She never puts herself first. If it wasn't for her, I would have been a orphan as she raised me when my mother couldnt since I was born. She taught me right from wrong. She put me in catholic school for 8 years , which wasn't too much fun :). Sure we had our differences through out the years. But I love her very much and I am thankful and blessed to have her in my life.

My grandmother went to the doctor the other day and had some test taken. Her test results showed that something was wrong with her and it is possible she may have something very serious like cancer. She didn't want to go into details as she knows I worry. The other bad thing is that my Aunt Laura(grandmas sister) had a severe heart attack and this is her second one. I got very depressed hearing this news yesterday about my grandmother and my Aunt Laura. I sometimes wish I had a magic wand or the power of healing where I can take away and cure peoples pain and suffering.

I too have a big heart and I put family, friends and strangers ahead of myself. I always have been a great listener and friend to all, even if it was a complete stranger I don't even know. I always like to put a smile on someones face and make them laugh and show them that I care. Of course an example would be a simple smile and hello to someone on the street. With every action is a reaction. I am sorry for rambling. Its early in the morning right now and I can't sleep as I have my grandma and aunt on my mind. I ask you to please pray for my family and hope that everything will be okay in the end. I am keeping very positive but still I am sad right now. I am sure you will remember these pictures from a past blog. Here is me, grandma and my sister Erica. My grandma reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg

Looking at these pictures makes me cry and really tears me up inside. I am sure some of you can share my concern as you too probably had someone close that was ill or had a serious matter that needed attention. Again I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you everything is going to be alright. i keep on hearing the Bob Marley song in my head "everything is gonna be alright" playing over and over. In my heart I believe it is. I know my grandma is in the good hands of the lord. I pray to God that its nothing serious with my grandmother. I love her very much. But by the way she sounded yesterday its something very very serious. I know she has had some major health issues recently, but she never took any of that serious. She still kept a smile on her face and acted like everything was okay. God Bless her

To share some positive news

The other day I got my pro card in the mail as I requested it early. Yeah. I was so happy and still in shock that I was holding my official IFBB Professional League card. Words can't explain how I feel being a pro. You will be seeing a lot of me in the Pro Circuit. I can guarantee that. Now being a pro, I have to work harder perfecting my physique and working on my conditioning. I wasn't too happy with my conditioning at my last show as I felt I looked great at weigh ins and I got very sick early that morning before prejudging which caused my body to hold a little water. I also officially got my Indiana drivers license and I took a good picture. It wasn't your typical mugshot. I got my hair down, I look well rested, and I have a hug smile. Next week I will be going to Holiday world in Santa Claus, IN. It should be fun but I have to pack my meals as I can't eat the amusement park food. Its not on my diet unfortunately. I also will be going to Indianapolis to visit the Indianapolis Zoo. I have been wanting to go for a long time. It is one of the top institutions in the United States. i am looking forward to seeing the koalas. Isn't he cute or what.

I also sent Andy tons of update material so members be sure to check that out. I included some candid pics from Vegas. In a a couple weeks I will post some really awesome shots of me the day after the show. I am so amazed of how much my body has transformed over the years. For the North American I was 134 lbs and at USAs I was 152. When I left Indiana for Vegas I was 160 lbs dry. But my coach depleted me the last couple of days before my show restricting my water and my protein and carb intake. Its amazing how much I lost in a few days. At last this time on stage I was fuller and bigger....Yeah and I kept my proportions which is what I wanted. Okay I am going t try to take a nap as rest is very important for muscle growth, recovery, etc. I have along day ahead of me today.

I do want to say something very quickly. I have had so many emails, and post congratulating me on my win at USAs. I want to personally tell you all thank you very much. You have no idea how much that meant to me. It is an amazing accomplishment for me especially if you knew the whole history behind the prep and my battle through the years. I remained strong and focused which was key. I didn't see what you all saw that day of USAs but I gave it all I could and more. I just went to have fun and be the best bodybuilder I could be that day. Thank you all so much, and I am sorry I haven't got back to you via email or post. But I received numerous responses from my emails, siouxcountry, muscular development, myspace,, and muscle mayhem. I personally also want to thank as he really went out f his way by keeping me in my toes with My road to USAs thread. It was really cool the amounts of positive feedback I had form all the members. Sioux is a great guy and a huge supporter of Female bodybuilders and hes always the first to get the inside scoop on things going on in the bodybuilding world. Thanks so much Sioux for everything. Again I will respond to all your emails and comments. I took a break off the boards and I have been very busy as well. i will get back to you all in the next few days. I promise

Talk to you later and I will keep you posted on my G-ma and thanks for showing your support.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Andy from is going to change my website around. I am pretty excited about this as he does very good work. I like Andy a lot and he is one of the coolest and biggest supporters of Female Bodybuilding. A lot of you already know this about Andy. He gives us lots of coverage and he sends traffic to our sites. I ask you to take the time an send andy a "thank you " for everything he has done for us Female athletes.

Also we updated the members section with my 10 days out pics from USAs. I know I dont look glamorous but it was early in the morning lol

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ride along

I got to ride with David the other day as he is a police officer. Out of all the days I decide to ride I pick the one day that there wasn't many calls. LOL. I had a great time regardless. I have to admit I was hoping he would have got a GOOD call like a homicide, pursuit, etc.

I highly respect David and his fellow police officers. They protect us, fight crime and put thier lives at risk everyday for us. They are our heros, and I get to sleep next to one (David) every night.

Training is going great. I am strong as an ox right now. Dieting is good too. Chicken is my best friend. If someone ws to ask me what is my most prized possession I would say my gas grill. Sorry Honey. *wink you know I love you. I can't live without that grill. I am goin gto change up my training so I can tweak a few things on my body.

I am looking very forward to the North Americans as my good friend Anne Sheehan Dudash will be competing and she is a threat. She has an awesome package with beautiful stage presentation. In 2006 I competed next to her and I was ho honored as she is a dam good bodybuilder/athlete. Anne is going to be bringing it to the North American and she is going to turn a lot of heads as we will see a new and improved Anne like we have never seen before.


Before I end my post I want to make a comment. I am happily engaged and I want that to be known. Be happy for me. Last weekend was the greatest moment of my life. I got the pro card and engaged to the love of my life. I couldn't ask for anything more. Hes my best friend and soulmate. I'm happy and thats all that matters