Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Donate Toys and Blankets, Good Luck to the Ladies at Nationals this Weekend

I am collecting Toys and Blankets to help those who are in need. Your donation makes a big difference in someones life. If you can please send them to my address.

Isabelle Turell
P.O. Box 3824
Terre Haute, IN 47803

If you are local email me at isabelleturell@hotmail.com and I can do a local pickup.

I want to give a huge shout out to the all the wonderful ladies that will be competing at the NPC Nationals. You ladies worked really hard and regardless of where each of you places you are all champions. Nationals is one of the toughest shows of the year as every class winner gets IFBB Professional Status which increases the number of competitors. Winning the overall at the Nationals is a real honor. There will be 4 lucky ladies who will win BIG and one lucky lady that will clean house and take all. Last year the Overall Winner was Kristy Hawkins. She was absolutly amazing. Her physque was shredded and she was beautiful overall.

I heard that this year the prejudging is going to be on Friday for female bodybuilding. That will make things more interesting. :)

As you know I am a moderator at Siouxcountry.com and I want to tell you honestly it is one of the very best sites in the industry. Sioux has worked very hard on this site and is now offering sponsorship for a lucky lady in 2009.

I encourage you to join Siouxcountry.com. You can mention my name as a referral. It is a safe clean forum for ladies in the industry. You don't have to worry about drama like on other boards.