Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking for ideas for a Slogan For a T-shirt and I am looking for a English Bulldog

I am in the works of creating a design with my lat spread in the front and rear lat spread in the back. I am looking for ideas for a catchy slogan to go along with the design. Please send your ideas to

Oh I almost forgot to mention. My birthday is Oct 22, and I am now accepting gifts and sponsorships lol. You can send them to my email address above ha ha. I still don't have no idea what we are going to do, but regardless i will hae fun as I will be with my Fiance' and thats what matters to me. For the first time, I will get to enjoy my birthday as its been years since I got to actually have a slice of birthday cake. I was always dieting and I am sure a lot of you athletes especially the Bodybuilders can understand what I am talking about. :). I am going to get the biggest cake I can find and eat it in nder 10 mins. LOl just teasing. I would in the future like to order a cake from Duff Goldman who some of you know from food network show Ace OF Cakes. He runs the Charm City Cakes in Maryland.
Duff is the man to go to for a cake as his cakes are to die for. Not alone the awesome artwork that goes into your cake.

Isn't ruby cute lol.

I miss Ruby very much. I have been looking for a bulldog for a while now and I have had no luck. If you know anyone in the Indiana area who can help me find a bulldog, email me at

Oh I have to mention that in living in Orlando, FL I never saw cornstalks and really experienced a fall time. On top of that I never really got to experience cold weather. Today its chilly. I am walking around the house in sweat pants and a hoodie. LOL.
My fiance' got me a ear of corn from a stalk. haha. The farmers dry out the corn and its used as feed for the farm animals. I am always amazed by Indiana and Terre Haute as there is always something new to see everyday. Terre Haute is a wonderful community, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Omg, I am working hard this little off season I have to put on some mass. I have to start somewhere. :) Last year, My diet was mostly cheesecake and pasta lol. I just finished having some chicken coated with a extra thick layer of peanut butter along with some Spanish rice and beans( I also threw in some sausage for extra flavor lol). I really can't complain about my diet as I am on a base plan and I can do a lot of substitution for example. Instead of a chicken meal I can do an extra steak or better yet a hamburger mmmmm. plus I can use condiments, which in the precontest I am limited too. Calories right now is my friend. Protein is the most important thing in my diet, and is a must.

Training is still great!! I can't complain. I did 225 for close grip bench yesterday for 15 reps. So I am happy. My goal is to add more muscle size and come in contest shape at a heavier weight. I do have a set of abs they are just not as visible as I would like them to be lol. Now the key to getting stronger in your workouts is eating a whole carmel apple walnut pie from Sam's. It has key ingredients in it to help with increasing strength ha ha.
Nationals is right around the corner. There are a few people I would like to see do very well and I think will. In the heavyweights Its between Nekole Hamrick (if she competes), Chris Sabo(if she goes heavy), Michelle Neil???, Gale Frankie, and Kris Murrell. Kris is a good friend of mine and let me tell yah. She can be a threat. Kris has good structure, and symmetry along with great looks. If she she comes in conditioned and I know she will it could be hers for the taking. Now Nekole Hamrick is another to watch as she has a classic shape that flows very well. She too is a top favorite. Mind you, these two girls are from my home state Florida. :) its going to be a tough heavyweight class.

In the Light Heavy weight class, we have a very close call. One of the top favorites is Britt Miller along with Elena Sieple, Star Baylock and again Chris Sabo. I really like Britt Millers look as she has a Cory Everson type of physique. Her package is very pleasing to the eye. When she hits her poses everything just pops right out. On top of her physique she has great looks as well. Elena Sieple is another one that always brings a different look each year that always puts everyone in awe. She is a long time veteran to the national stage and always is on top of her conditioning. Another one that amazes me is Star Baylock, she has a very unique look and if she competes is one to watch. Chris Sabo, has a good physique too and I know firsthand as we battled it out in the overall for USA. She has had a good year in competitions and has placed very well. I am sure she is bringing her A game and is one of the top favorites.
In the light weight class, well this is going to be a tough class to judge. We have Galina Serchtsev (who is from Orlando,FL:) ), who is a top favorite along with Claire, and Lori Steele. All have great physiques and presentation. *whew* its going to be a great show, and I am curious to see the different packages each competitor brings. I know they will bring their best. Everyone regardless of placing is a champion as you worked hard and gave all your best on show day.
Now I leave you with me and Davids creation of a very cheesy Macaroni and Cheese bake LOL

before it hit the oven