Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moving Time

Well I'm moving out of Orlando. A few more days to go. I still can't tell you where yet as I want to keep that a surprise. A lot of my friends and mostly my family are sad to see me leave as Orlando has been a big part of me since I was a wee little girl. Now I have been very very sad as I had to let go of my babies Snoopy and Ruby. There pictures are on the right of my blog. They are so special to me. I love them very much and actually I am starting to cry as I will miss them dearly. I gave Snoopy to my best friend. She had a poodle named peps that passed away a while back. I have know this girl since I was 7 yrs old. My best friend was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years back. She is one tough cookie. We have been through a lot together. We were both tom boys and very aggressive especially in soccer. Everyone knew to stay clear of our path as we took our game very serious and being a fullback , you were going down. lol. Anyway, Snoopy is very happy and I must say very spoiled lol. He is the cutest little thing. He was my homeboy. Wow this gets me worked up talking about it. Now Ruby is in a good home too. She is living with my ex-boyfriend Randy. He takes god care of her and she is the mascot of Signature Fitness. I miss her lots. She is one cool dog. I will miss them both very much.

Oh I got a chair yesterday...what do you think???

Andy is updating my site today with some cam video of me posing.

My current weight is 177 lbs and I am excited about this year. I have a great team this year. I have Tim, DLS, and my awesome support group (you, my fans)

I will be on herbiceps later today and for the rest of the week. SO check me out. I will post some times for you later today on my blog