Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Progress pics

I just wanted to give my fans and friends an update on my what I have been working on. A lot of people do not understand the demand and time it takes to achieve a competition physique. It is not easy for everyone and it sure is not easy for me as I have been out of the "competition" game for a long time. Some of you are well aware of that. I have a lot of work on my plate and the fun is just beginning. 

I have to say that I started my prep at 205 lbs in late September after the Olympia. Im pretty impressed how my body has been changing as I have not done the competition diet/training for a while. I really don't like saying diet. It sounds so cliche. lol. Eating a healthy lifestyle is what I have done. People constantly ask, how it must be hard eating the same thing all the time and not being able to eat junk food. Don't get me wrong I love my chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, cheesecake, pasta, and all that good stuff. I have a strong mind and when I want to achieve something, I work hard for it.

Heck a while back I ordered a friend of mine a large double pepperoni and cheese pizza and they ate it all in front of me. I din't even think twice. LOL. In saying that we all need to have cheat "treat" days as it shocks the body. But I have my own treat meal. Its basically a 38 oz steak lol with the extra trimmings lol. 

Traininng is good too. I really want to thank my fans and friends for pushing me. You are why I am doing what I love.