Thursday, March 28, 2013


So lets set the record straight. People think that I am done competing with competitions, etc. This is NOT the case. It has been a long time since I have graced the stage. I miss the thrill, challenge and being the entertainer. The most important thing is I miss my fans. I am in the works of getting ready for a show and yes you have heard that right. I am in the mix of bulk and cut mode. Its a lot of work. If anyone who knows my past training knows that I give it all I can. Blood, sweat and tears.

There was a rumor that I have decided to go into fitness, figure, etc. That is also not true. With my body structure I was meant to be a bodybuilder. I think anyone who closely knows me, knows that fitness and figure are not my cup of tea.

There is no fat on me. I can say curvy bulk, nice shoulders, abs. You know what I am getting at. I will say that I do have a weakness and that weakness is I have been eating a massive load of steaks, and enjoying my whey protein shakes. I will include some pictures of the steaks so you can see what I mean later so bre with me. I MEAN BUSINESS with competing againThank you to those friends that have helped me and pushed me to get back on the stage. I don't think I need to say names but you do know who you are. :)

Keep your eyes open for Chicago or Tampa